More about Swoop

Swoop makes a link between the flight patterns made by birds and the movement of cyclists in a Peloton.

I was looking for an image suggesting speed and movement.  A flock of swiftly moving birds seemed immediately appropriate." Jane Revitt

The piece highlights the dramatic nature of starling murmerations, the acrobatic aerial displays made by many thousands of birds when they collect together at dusk. Despite a decline in the species there have been recent sitings of large starling murmerations close to the site.  Recycled plastic has been chosen as an appropriate material for the the reclaimed landfill site.

The 150 metre wide artwork is visible from various vantage points around Elland, including the bypass in the direction of Huddersfield and from the town. Visitors are also welcome to view it from Elland Working Men's Club. HX5 OHT.

Jane worked on the project with the Creative Director of Fields of Vision, Geoff Wood.

Funded through the Landfill Communities Fund #TheLCF, with landfill tax credits donated by The Casey Group, working in partnership with the Environmental Bodies Greenbank Trust and Green Business Network, and is hosted on Casey Group land.

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